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Private Hire News Wall Planners

If you wish to receive our Private Hire News Wall Planner (free of charge*) please simply e-mail with the details below. If you do not have access to e-mail please call 01442 833464 and we can do this for you manually.

Please note, each posted copy of Private Hire News (issue 80) already comes with a free wall planner.

(You may wish to copy & paste the information below and add your information)

  1. Please provide your Title, First name and Surname
  2. Please provide your Company Name/Organisation
  3. Please provide your full address (including post code)
  4. Please provide your category (i.e. Driver, Operator, Local Authority, Industry Product Supplier, etc.)
  5. How many Wall Planners would you like? (maximum of 5)
  6. I want to receive free paper copies of the magazine: Yes/No
  7. I want to receive free e-mailed copies of the magazine: Yes/No

* While stocks last